Snack Attack

That was weird. This is the only thought, feeling, or idea I have after hanging up the phone. I’m sure you want details, I know I would. But I have to protect patients’ privacy, so I’ll just say this. Holy fuck, it was weird.

I’ll go not so far out on a limb and say it’s likely a result of disorganized attachment.

I don’t know what’s interesting to talk about. Like, I come here daily and spout at you, aren’t you sick of me yet? I know I am.

Anyway, I burned 127 calories in 25 minutes mowing the lawn this morning. I know because the calorie counting app “Lose It” told me so. I love me some data. Therefore logging what I eat and gaining reward points similar to a video game is right up my alley. I need to log the English muffin, fried chicken patty, mayo, lettuce, kettle corn, and a scoop of ice cream and root beer I had earlier.

Have you ever made kettle corn? I burned it once (one time, I tell you!), and a minor panic attack kicks in whenever I make it. Because man, there’s nothing worse than burnt popcorn.

Oh! And I had a super scary nightmare last night, but something really cool happened. Like a stringed puppet, my hand intuitively landed on my chest. And it was accompanied by the thought, “Extreme fear.” I felt immediate relief and repeated the statement. To have a reaction like that was disorientingly cool!

Lastly, I observed a mama mallard with ten furry, fist-sized ducklings while canoeing tonight. I thought, “Nice work keeping them all together.” 

But I spoke too soon.

An eagle flew in from the left field, separating one babe from the pack. The little thing squawked as its life depended on it, and the eagle dove again. I almost looked away, not wanting to witness nature’s sadness bowl.

Alas! The duckling dunked, making a small wake in its absence. I waited, and sure enough, five seconds later, it bobbed back up to the surface. I was sure the eagle’d try again, but it didn’t. For whatever reason, it scratched its head while perched on a branch and the duckling whirled its little feet to the safety of a nearby dock. While Mama took the other nine to the other side of the lake.

Will they meet up again? Tune in next time for Jaclynn’s Kayak Adventures Part 2, “The Duckling Recount.”

Love, Jaclynn

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