Poetic Waxings

If we’re being straight, it’s not due to my arriving late at the party.
Not to worry, I’m licensed and verified by the necessary authority.
It’s been a long day – much, much too long- wouldn’t you agree?
Serving food to homeless mothers and their children isn’t for me.
You see, life needs to look a certain way, or else I’m not free.
To believe in its fairytales, ever afters, and the sillies that be.
Groundhogs by day and stalking owls at night; ensure that we fly.
Making our mark, a flag on the moon – Boom! – who needs a why?
I’ll die for something I can’t say what. But you, that’s not in your veins.
Explain. To me the more. And of the place over the rainbow.
Whisper, but do hurry. I worry. It will get lost in the wind’s blow.


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