Return To Sender

Send a letter or card to someone! Need convincing? Don’t worry, I got you.

  1. You get to use your favorite pen. You know the one. Its tip, the ink flow, and how it fits in your hand are simply perfection. You remember the Pilot G-2 Fine .7mm gel pen you used to repeatedly sign your name with in your diary with your teen crush’s last name as your own. (Not you? Hmm.)
  2. People love getting stuff in the mail. Maybe they’ll be a little disappointed to open a card without a fat check with tons of zero’s or Benny’s inside it, but after that fades, they’ll see your hand-written thoughts and care and go find a magnet, then affix it to their food holder/cooler.
  3. It’s something to do. Sure, there’s sleeping, eating, and working, but then what? Writing a letter takes time – not only getting the supplies part, but dropping it off in the mail and drumming your fingers on the countertop anticipating its arrival. And what if they don’t text or call? Did it even arrive? The mystery of it!

As a counselor, you might assume I’d advise in the areas of mindfulness, boundary setting, or grounding exercises – anything but the art of postal pleasantries – but you’d been gravely mistaken.

And this concludes my send-a-letter-or-else soap box stance. Thanks for hearing me out.

And, I hope you had a lovely day.

Love always, Jaclynn

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