Fly Like An Eagle

Isn’t it presumptive to expect that you’ll understand or that you are understanding? Especially when I inconvenience you and throw your whole day out of whack?

For that reason, you will likely never receive an email or text sign-off from me with the words, “Thanks for understanding.”

“You gotta let the ducks fly.” This was my friend Reid’s response to my wavering Marco Polo video message on whether to take household scissors and follow the Carhart-wearing husband and wife’s tutorial on duck wing clipping.

I can’t do it!

The coyotes and rogue dogs will inevitably come one day while the ducks are tackling luscious lawn morsels. And I want to feel confident they’ll have a flying/fighting chance to take refuge in a tree or get to the top of the house.

But trusting they’ll come back. That’s another story.

Do you remember the play-by-play I gave the last time we were at our cabin? Well, we’re back, and the saga continues. Upon arrival, there was an assumed-to-be-ok-with-us placement of a silver sedan, which caused Dave to turn towards me with a look, “What do we think of that?”

As they say in Spanish, we think it’s no bueno. I sent a friendly move it or die text, and if anything exciting happens, you’ll be the first to know.

And we’re getting an impromptu house guest in a week. My friend Hilary texted, “Weird question. Do you think you or any of your neighbors want to rent a room to my 18-year-old niece for 2.5 months? She got accepted to an internship at the forest service in Olympia, and there’s no housing.”

Um, yes, please! I love house guests. Living in a communal setting and sharing meals, music, and stories is the pinnacle of life to me.

Alright, time for bed. I hope you had a good day.

Goodnight. Love, Jaclynn

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