Jammin’ Salmon Berries

I’m in a stare at the wall zone until my eyes blur, press the snooze button one more time kind of mood.

But it’s time to write.

I stir myself from a deep slumber, simply a fattened bear in hibernation. I slash the air with my paw; I’ll get to it later. But it’s 9:31 pm, and if I don’t do it now, then when?

I’m freshly showered with dampened hair dripping down my back. It’s warm, and the chill of my hair is refreshing.

What a day! It was full of pulling dandelions and thorny weeds that pierced through gardening gloves—and bringing 5-gallon buckets of sand from the beach to scape the area around the fire pit.

And Evelyn ate salmon berries while I picked them.

I’ll sleep well tonight.

It’s movie time, and I’m on kettle corn duty. Sorry to cut it short tonight. I want to sit back and be entertained.

I’ll be better tomorrow.


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