Rush Of The Ocean

We’ve lost Evelyn to a family with four kids, a mom, dad, grandma, and two dogs. Dave and are a holler up the beach on dry sand listening to Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway on the car radio with strands of our hair, plastic bags, and blankets flapping and whipping in the wind.

Am I disappointed, surprised, or feel much of anything about the Roe vs. Wade case ruling yesterday? Not really. Have I gotten upset in the past? Very much so. Did it change anything? No.

The political and judicial system will do what they do, and in the meantime, I’m just sitting here at the beach and spinning on this orb.

An orb that’s a planet in the middle of infinite space in which the sun’s supernova will someday consume.

Now, ask me how I feel about that!

Not ok is how I feel!

Effing A. Dave’s sneezes hit my startle reflex every freaking time. We’re back at home and he’d tending a debris-filled fire, and the smoke must have gotten to him. I remember when Evelyn was a newborn, and the explosive nature of his sneeze jolted her from a deep sleep into a hyperventilating, bawling state.

All my tactics to help him throttle its power back have been for not. I am forever resigned to a-choo’s that blast the tartar off my heart.

Are there mosquitos where you are? There are here. I’m no killer, but I am for these buzzy, skin-eating bastards.

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Thanks for spending a tad bit of it with me.

Lots of love, Jaclynn

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