A Diddly Day

While creating invoices for my clients, I noticed I sat up a bit straighter, and my imagination drifted to seeing my parents walking in and seeing me in the midst of spreadsheet inputting and giving a “we’re so proud of you” stroke on my kitty head.

They’re not here yet, but my brain still experiences the rewarding feeling like it already happened. I mentioned in a previous post how Olympians’ brains produce dopamine even in the most excruciating moments of physical exertion and how even in the thick of pain, their brains are like, “Here’s a hit of the good stuff; keep going.”

When I went upstairs to make the bed, clean, and get spiffed up for the day, I thought about rewards. It’s comical or non-sensical how doing less desirable actions now provides rewards later.

Anywho. It’s 10:28 pm, and I’m wrapping up my thoughts. A blanket fiasco has ensued. Evelyn left her favorite “boo bankie” also known as the blue blanket, at our friend’s house. Daddy Dave and Daddy Patrick are each driving eight minutes to meet in the middle to make the exchange. Seeing Evelyn’s grieving face as if an actual death occurred is the reason for the close-to-midnight fiasco/rendezvous.

Thanks for dropping in. I hope you have the most fantastic weekend. I hope for some good downtime, including watching Una Familia Moderna, cooking good food, and resting.

Love, Jaclynn

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