Ginnin’ About Town

I want a cute little Disney-esque curated Wild West-themed duck sanctuary. Picture a mirror – ducks LOVE looking at themselves in mirrors – with a little sombrero hat at its top. And perhaps a couplea’ six-shooters affixed to the left and right sides of it, providing a photo op-like experience for said ducks.

What if I lined their thick plastic pool with cattails? Not real ones, of course, but year-round fake ones. Heading to Amazon now.


It’s Rhubarb Days in downtown Sumner this weekend. Since I need a factoid about rhubarb to warrant the trip, I found this: Half of the rhubarb production in the United States comes from the county where I reside, Pierce County.

So we went but first had to stop by Tractor Supply for a bag of duck pellets that are 50% cheaper than on Amazon.

Out of the 50 or so tents at Rhubarb Days, only one had anything related to rhubarb. I suppose I hoped for more, like maybe free sprigs of rhubarb to plant in the garden; it’s not like the area can’t spare ’em, right?

Oh well.

I recall rhubarb plants in the yard as a kid and that the leaves looked almost prehistoric and grew to the size of a man’s torso. Besides my aunt coming over with a knife to chop off a stalk or two, I also remember how our rogue basketballs crashed on them and left us crawling under their leaf-lined caves to retrieve them.

Then from Rhubarb Days, Dave, Evelyn, and I joined my friend Lindsay, her son Ethan, and her parents in their fabulous 1914 home only a few blocks away. I admit feeling envy at their chicken house setup, as my lil’ chick is left sleeping on the back porch on the edge of a shoe basket.

The next lesson from “A Gift of Therapy” is tomorrow. I know I loosely said a bi-weekly book club, but with the information being dense and my schedule busy, I’m good with time in between.

Lastly, I took a subpar Pinterest photo of the strawberry shortcake Dave made us for dessert. The strawberries are from Spooner farms, a spot my parents stopped by yesterday on their way here. I didn’t need the food after the extra-large burrito on Lindsay’s parent’s outdoor patio, but oh well again.

I hope your Saturday was a good one! Love, Jaclynn

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