Da Doo Ron Ron

On a pontoon boat with friends today, I felt my maternal claws loosen their grip as Evelyn sat in the boat’s rear with her friend, his attentive Mom, and his equally attentive Grandma.

Nestling into Dave’s chest, I felt the unknown feeling of complete relaxation as the wind blew across my face and the sun warmed my post-swim body.

“The Gift of Therapy”: Key Takeaways

-Therapists must be familiar with their dark side and be able to empathize with all human wishes and impulses.

My mind is shuffling through its Rolodex of memories regarding the number of people I never thought I could empathize with but have.

What dark side of yours or others do you struggle to empathize with? What would it look like if you did?

-Human problems are primarily relational and manifest in the here-and-now.

The examples Dr. Yalom gives are challenging! Rather than intellectualize or troubleshoot situations with clients, I need to connect what they say to what’s happening between us in session.

Lastly, I didn’t want to do the book club tonight. I forced myself to because yesterday I said I would. I wish I would have said, “You know, accountability is superb and all, but I’m not feeling it,” and then proceeded to chat about something more silly and fun.

Opportunity missed, boo!


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