Otter Than You

I’m in a self-editing and walking on eggshells mood in my writing. So it’s challenging to speak my mind. For example, I had four paragraphs of content written, then simple Simon selected all and deleted them.

I’m all twisted up like a cow’s stomach.

Cow brought up a thought about Stolz’s dairy farm across the street during childhood. I was friends with the daughter, so I was around cow milking, cow birthing, and cow dying.

But now I’m down a rabbit hole.

Google showed that a “twisted cow stomach” is when the main stomach of a cow’s four stomachs floats up like a balloon into the upper area of the cow’s insides and is due to increased gas production,

And did you know how the four stomachs work? It’s not grass that gives cows their energy; it’s the bi-products of the microbes in their guts.

I’m with my 6 pm client that said, “Seven plus billion people on this planet and how we manage as well as we do, I don’t know.” That’s how I feel about all the microbes and all things small that live inside us.

I warned you; it’s a tangential night.

Here’s a link to the comedian Dave bought tickets for tomorrow night.

Did you know Tom Petty died? I did. But some people before I told them didn’t know that, which is more odd than odder.

I need to go. Like, right now. These fingers are possessed, have a bout of Tourette’s, and need to rest.

Bagged salad!


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