Last Resort River

Picture two people who hate one other more than anything. Now, put them in a room together. Ta-da! Welcome to my 4 pm appointment. 

The white water rapids in my mind were intense and jostled me out of my seat more often than I preferred. Gripping the safety rope, I did my best to maintain balance and sure-footedness while sometimes sucking back waving gulps of unwanted water.

I need slow, meandering pools; to catch my breath, experience the ebb and flow of the sun and clouds, and to know, “I got this.”

At 4:30 pm, or thereabouts I’d pulled out all the stops, including; educating on self-regulation, explaining that validation isn’t me telling you I get it, but you feeling that I get it, as well as identifying each person’s needs.

At 4:53 pm, I challenged them; the real work is showing what you said; that’s how you build trust.

We’ll see. 

Can you believe Huey, Dewie, and Louie are full-grown? The books say ducklings grow fast, but that fast? It’s the age-old issue for all duck mamas; where did my babies go? 

At 8 am and 9 am tomorrow, I see two new patients. I’m going to cut this short because I need the rest. But before I go, you should know this; my electric toothbrush thinks I should brush my teeth longer than I do.

I hope you had a swell day.

Love, Jaclynn

PS the photo was taken near Quinault in Olympic National Park.

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