For Science’s Sake!

I don’t feel like being creative. It’s as if there’s an old curmudgeon with gnarly, bony fingers blocking me from the keyboard while I sit nearby, fearful of what they might write.

I reached out to an old friend for the second (or is it the third?) time this year, and still haven’t heard back. Before you feel bad for me, what if when we got together in 2013, I did something wrong? That’s where my mind goes anyway because who in their right mind wouldn’t want to hang with me?

Probably plenty of people, Jaclynn, you pompous a$$.

Do you talk to yourself too?

The washer and dryer fit perfectly. They’re much smaller than the previous set, making storing the vacuum, broom, and standing in front of the bathroom mirror much roomier.

It’s 9:54pm, and Evelyn’s in the other room watching TV. In between paragraphs, I turned to Dave and asked, “Do you think she’ll put herself to bed?” Looking up from his Kindle he said, “I don’t want to find out.”

I know I’ve said this before, but I like experiments. I remember when Dave didn’t leave extra food in the bowl for his dog because he said she wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t believe it, so together we did an experiment.

Turns out he was right.

Alright, I better parent that toddler of mine. Until next time. Love, Jaclynn

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