Temperature Taker

I sit down and wade through a labyrinth of thoughts, each seeking their moment in the sun. Ideas eagerly raise their hands while repeatedly saying, “Oooh, ooh! Pick me, pick me!” But just like an audition screener, I can’t let any ol’ thought get on stage, and I want to produce something of value.

Speaking of, why do people even like blogs? Is it for voyeuristic reasons, like when a neighbor’s light is on, and you watch for one (or ten) seconds too long? Or is it a “well, I’m not that crazy?” barometer check-in?

It may have to do with the need to connect or the search for meaning, a maybe it’s just a time killer?

I don’t know, but I’ll take all of the above, Alex.

Anyway, an impromptu conversation with a friend I hadn’t seen in years led to an invitation to visit us at the cabin. He’s coming from 109-degree Eastern Washington weather, so I’ll put $10 down so I’ll see a big, refreshing smile and comment on the weather when he arrives.

Fingers crossed, Archie and his one-year-old pup will play nice.

Speaking of voyeur, what a travesty that no one saw my NBA-quality leap with clippers in hand to snip a thick branch from the tree. I even did a boastful open hand ta-da, just in case Dave watched from the window or porch. But he wasn’t.

Thankfully I have a blog to share with millions, er 12 fans.

My foot is tapping the floor in anticipation. Not only do I get to see my friend’s bright blue eyes and white-toothed grin, but when he arrives, we’re heading up the road to a pub for dinner.

We’re back, and the dogs are wrastlin’ like twins reunited after years apart. It’s nice. And it’s even nicer catching up with an old friend.

I’ll chat with you tomorrow.

Love, Jaclynn

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