One Moment

Do you read somebody else’s writing and get lost in their paintbrush-like strokes on a canvas page? Swept up and away with them into their imagination as if it were your own?

A classmate from high school posted about her memories of growing up in Enumclaw and her return for our class reunion twenty-two years later. She drew me in, and I wanted more when the post was over; her touching on that time and place made reaching with her magical.

My suitcase is packed and ready; charging cords, Kindle, laptop, phone, two swimming suits, one pair of jeans, a couple of shorts, and t-shirts. Toiletries. Oh, I need to remember the magazines. I haven’t been squirreling them away for the past month for nothing, one moment. 

Got em! A Smithsonian and Better Homes And Garden.

Having you here to talk things through is a big help. So, thanks. I also need to get my debit card from the car and flip the two duck pools over to dry out. I could wait until morning, but I also could do it now and have peace of mind when placing my sweet little head on the pillow tonight. Ugh, one more moment.

I did it! 

Do I gamble and take my Birkenstocks – the ones that Dave shoe-goo’ed earlier but that likely will come apart? No, I’ll go with the tennies. 

Headphones, Kindle, laptop charger, ID, eye mask. Ooh, hair ties! Be right back. 

I get to a point where packing is at a good enough status, and I think now is that time. Plus, anything else I need I can buy when I get there.

Time to go zip everything up and place my carriers ceremoniously by the front door. Again, one moment. 

Alright, I’m ready. It’s 10 pm, the air conditioner is cooling me down, and all systems are a go. What about tweezers? Might I be in the mood to beautify my brows in my downtime? That I might. One moment. 

Ok! Ready for launch. I’ll meet you again at the airport or on the plane. Have a good night. 

Love, Jaclynn

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