Last Sleep ‘Til SeaTac

The sun shining off the ocean looks like flashes of paparazzi cameras at the Oscars. My family bobs up and down in its surf while I’ve taken refuge in an air-conditioned bedroom. Since I can’t lie to you, I’ll guiltily admit that I’m working. Like, for my job. I called a prospective client for a consultation, and although it helped them, they said so; I’m positive it could have waited until the vacation’s end.

The clock’s ticking on this final full day of vacation. The feel is similar to packing the night before leaving. There’s a rush of “Did I get it all in?” in the air. To be clear, not in the suitcase, but in the week.


I better have.

To be sure!

Anyway, I’ll add a new haircut, petting a hammerhead and ray shark, along with excessive reading, writing, sleeping, swimming, and sunbathing to the resume for this 2022 trip.  

And dang it, if “Lessons in Chemistry” isn’t the most delightful fiction I’ve read in a long time. Even with reading like crazy, I’m only 35% through it, which I’m sure you can agree; more of a good thing, is a good thing. 

When you see other people kicking your ass at something you are passionate about, do you feel the need to quit too? I’ll keep going in my writing, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to read any advice this author has for aspiring writers.

It is close to 10 pm (on the east coast), and as you can probably guess, I need to read a bit. I’ll post tomorrow from my sister-in-law’s house in Georgia because our flight isn’t back into Seattle until 1 am (yikes). 

Talk to you then.

Love, Jaclynn

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