Bye Bye Birdie

I’m utilizing the back screened-in porch at my parent-in-law’s. Or is it just in-laws? Sitting in this makeshift living room, fitted with a ceiling fan, outlets, live plants, and a well-loved wood floor, is a Pinterest-worthy writing location. 

But there are distractions.

Like the family’s beagle, Rocky. He’s jumping up beside me, and when I don’t pet him, he paces, whimpers, and then runs and plants his front paws into a spot he wore away on the back door. Should I let him­ -? The slam registers as Matt, my husband’s brother, appears and lets him in, by way letting me off the hook. 

“Look at that vine growing over that stump, under the birdhouse. How neat.” Dave’s the next to meander onto the porch, taking my attention away from writing. 

I ponder the bushy vine sprouting two white flowers below an A-frame birdhouse. It is cute, but – a stump, I don’t know. The base doesn’t seem broad enough, and I say so. He walks over to it for a closer look. 

Matt and Rocky are back. Matt stands in the thick, unmowed grass (due to our being on vacation) as Rocky sniffs and surveys; then, at Matt’s urging, Rocky flips a switch, and he’s at full speed from one fence to the other.

Dave likely updated me on the stump, but splitting my attention while writing means not everything I hear sticks. 

But he’s gone inside. Time to write – wait, he’s back. He places a brass figurine of a bird and a brass figurine of mouse inches away from my laptop. The mouse has a comically long tail. They’re heirlooms from his 101-year-old still-living grandmother, and he’s choosing which makes the trip back home with us. I agree with him on the bird. 

Suburban Stone Mountain, Georgia. So this is where my husband grew up. The back yard, as you know, is full of grass, tall trees, and bird feeders that provide a wonderfully shady and secluded space. Inside there’s an impressive fireplace we’ll return for this winter, along with the board games from Dave and his three siblings’ youth, taped to hold the shape after thirty-plus years of usage.

Also, you can see, I married into a great family. Boarding starts in twenty minutes. See you in Washington.

Love, Jaclynn

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