Flighty Mighty Ducks

If I were to close my eyes, into a beauteous slumber I’d drift; the kind where involuntary body twitches abound and where reality sifts through your fingers like sand in an hourglass.

But it’s too early for bed and too late for a nap. So I’ll spend time thinking and waiting like a spider for its prey, then pounce on any idea to write about.

And before I fall victim to the negative thinking I know and love, I’m also taking intentional breaths.

Oh, Evelyn’s here, “Why Mommy writing a byog?”

“Because I write every day. You must sit next to me, be quiet, or watch the movie with Daddy.”

“No, Mom. I no want be quiet, and no want watch movie.”

The power behind Evelyn knowing what she wants these days is fantastic.

Two of my brown ducks sat in the middle of the driveway next to the garage this morning. What a wonderful surprise! I told you about the one coming back, but not since they flew off weeks ago have I seen the other two.

The only negative is both of their waddles are busted; as in they’re only are able to walk a step or two at a time before sitting. I’m reasonably sure it’s due to a Niacin vitamin deficiency, and I am hopeful eating the grain I bought will fix it.

Fingers crossed, they’ll bring their Mama duck back from the lake to visit too! We’ll see.

Love, Jaclynn

PS. This post’s photo was taken at a pesto-making party, and jars of it are awesome to give for gifts. You know what else is a great gift? A free car wash voucher. Pink Elephant car washes have (had?) them, and it was such a unique/superb present from a friend. You’re welcome.

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