Moody Blues Traveler

Jade Black, a woman whose work I’m minorly obsessed with, was at the art show at the Ocean Shores Convention Center earlier today.

She’s a local, and her photography is moody – in darker, sepia tones – with herself often floating with the ocean in the background in a fantasy scene with doors, keys, and flocking birds, all creating a Tim Burton-like, timeless feel.

I’m not someone who buys expensive art, but after a year (or two?) of stalking her images on the North Beach Facebook group, it’s inevitable I’ll crack open my piggy bank, at some point, in exchange for a forever wall piece.

Abandonment is a theme that’s come up in conversations with clients and friends. As a result, I’ve been thinking of the ways I abandon myself and what I can do about it.

I came up with some ideas, including scheduling exercises in open-hour work blocks and not letting my feelings drive my food choices and their amount.

Basically, I’m learning that when it comes to food, exercise, and drink, I don’t trust spontaneous, off-the-cuff Jaclynn to make healthy choices.

So you need to know, Evelyn’s just explained monsters to me. “Not scary, just mean.” And she handed me an imaginary one to prove it. “Throw and catch it. Fun. Monsters like that.” 

I think she’s onto something, don’t you? 

I hope you have an excellent rest of your weekend. Love, Jaclynn

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