Me Tarzan, You Jane

Obviously I’m not outrunning and outsmarting saber-tooth tigers like my ancestors once did. But you can bet, once I realized I left my phone at home, my mind and body worked into a frenzied state just like I was a caveman.

Reach Dave through messenger? No. Go back home? No time; keep going. Be radio silent; no clients need to reach me through Google Voice. Google Voice on the web? Yes!

I arrived at work feeling in a survival-of-the-fittest kind of way that for sure my Neanderthal cousins would be scratching their heads.

Survival in 2022 sure looks weird. They might say.

Oh well.

Speaking of ancestors, I received a message from a man regarding my husband’s family’s genealogy . It was pretty cool connecting with him, and now I’m intrigued about jumping into my own gene pool.

Being a product of adoption, I’ve consistently felt protective of my parents. That they who showed up day in and day out, and did the work to get me where I am, I felt I owed them as much as possible.

However, developing a relationship with my birth mom a decade back broke this self-imposed rule.

So now, I’m curious.

Do I step into the unknown in order to see what there is to find?

Anyway, I miss green grass.

Although rain has yet to fall, the hose spills when I drag it to the garden, so at the ends of brown matchsticks are horsetail tufts of green blades.

Also, the mornings and evenings are hitting my senses in a way that is calming the edginess of summer. I feel like a husky that’s moved in a packing crate from California to Alaska, to a life that with a snap of the finger makes sense.

The transition to fall – the time right now – is just that for me; it makes sense.

Love, Jaclynn

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