Bolderly Cold

The dang Norwegians made me do it.

An albino man clothed in navy blue underwear approached the salty water. As his toes touched it, he stopped, and our eyes met. I laughed at his abrupt halt, but the ocean’s roar made me miss whatever he said next.

I moved toward him, “How cold is it?” He repeated. Shrugging, I gave a one-word answer, “Cold!” In a black sports bra and biker shorts, his friend stepped ahead and dove in. I looked back at him and shook my head, and he said. “We’re from Norway.” He took another step. “This is the same temperature. No problem.”

Post after post, I tell you how my competitiveness gets me into situations I shouldn’t be in (like last weekend’s Hot One’s competition), and today was no different. Because the Norwegians can do it, so can I. So I turned, trudged against the current, and without thought dove in.

Fifty-eight degrees. It turns out the local temperature of the ocean is 58 freaking degrees.

According to Google, I could expect death in one to six hours. Since my limit was two seconds, all that happened was my appendages continued working, and my body was reinvigorated.

So my friend Collette is sleeping in her converted bus outside our cabin tonight. With her three dogs; Rocko, Livi, and Zoey. Oh, and Evelyn’s in there too.

Earlier my friend of close to 15 years showed up with all the fixings for wedge salads, barbecued chicken thighs, corn on the cog, and deviled eggs. After, we took a stroll so Evelyn could show off her balance bike skills.

Speaking of, have you heard of or seen these bikes? It’s like a regular bike, but without pedals, so to go, you push with your feet. I didn’t get my training wheels off until I was 7, but I’m sure Evelyn will be pedaling on two wheels way earlier due to the balance feature of this bike.

An unexpected child-free night means a little uninterrupted reading before bed or maybe even a movie. Choices, choices!

I hope you had a wonderful Saturday. Talk to you soon.

Love, Jaclynn

PS. This post’s photo is not photoshopped. Smoke from forest fires are causing the sun’s post-apocalyptic color.


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