Adulting 101: Meh Moments

I hate Costco. There I said it. Throw your sticks and snub your nose. I can take it.

Once upon a time, Costco was my garden of Eden. A magical universe that stored behind its bold red lettering an airplane carrier full of items I needed to be mine; rugs, pillows, pans, bowl sets, solar lights, brooms, and bedside lamps. Plus, when on the street or in someone’s home, I had to buy the food and/or clothing after tasting it on their table or observing it upon their breast.

Did you know that Dave spent $250 there today? But that he came home with the same amount of nothing as if he’d flicked a penny into a fountain: Garbage bags, cereal, butter, broccoli, chicken thighs, and allergy medicine. And on top of the dumb price tag, all the items are very boring, boring things.

Now, can’t we all agree that being an adult sucks? Especially when you spend a couple of hundred dollars on stupid shit that is not a new iPad.

End of rant.

But seriously, Costco is stupid.

Also, today Dave received feedback from Evelyn’s teacher; she thought Evelyn was three and a half, not two, which is kind of a compliment. I say sort of because we have no idea what happens there, as Evelyn’s answer to “What’d you do in school?” is usually, “Play cars.” On top of that, she won’t even tell us what colors.

Anyway, last night, we started the show “Into the Shadows,” and I’m digging its slap-stick, mockumentary-style humor. Well, I better take advantage of the bit of night I have left and watch another episode.  

See you here soon. Love, Jaclynn

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