Dragon Turds

I’m feeling lazy and vulnerable, so I’m scanning my email inbox for already written past stuff to copy and paste here. But then, I had to read this dang quote by Anne Lamont to snap me back to being accountable. 

“You either start now, or it is not going to happen for you, and you are going to wake up at seventy years old (or eighty, if you are already seventy) filled with sorrow that you let your dream, your passion, gift, fall by the wayside. You start now, as is. ‘As is’ is the portal to creation, to new life.” 

Damn it! My distraction game is good. Even after reading that pure wisdom from Anne, my sneaky self figured I needed a larger and more fun font to get me writing. After trying out four unsatisfying lettering personalities, I stopped at five. I then looked up a number for what I needed to remind myself: Out of the past 253 days of writing in this blog, never has font been a barrier to a quality post. 

But that’s the thing about distractions. They’re so damn convincing!

Anyway, I had a day; filled with clients, a walk to the park to meet Dave and Evelyn, a tasty ravioli dinner, and the anticipation of a friend’s visit tomorrow. 

My thoughts turned to several people in my life I’m feeling the need to nudge over the cliff of stagnancy and into action. Because just watching them stand there and stare pains me to the point I’m like, “C’mon, do it already!”

As you see, I struggle with patience and understanding. And that’s because I know what’s best – or I think I do. But I know I don’t; all I can do in those times is be there, check-in, and encourage them. 

I got this. 

And so do you. It’ll be ok. Truly. 

Love, Jaclynn

PS. Here’s a video of my arrival at the park.

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