Hush Hush

“At dinner, Sheila Rae made believe that the cherries in her fruit cocktail were the eyes of dead bears, and she ate five of them.” How do you feel about this line from the children’s book our dear friend Jeff read to our sweet two-year-old daughter this evening?

Where once the story droned in the background, the line “eyes of dead bears” had all three adults giving each other sideways looks and curious what other “age-appropriate” quips author Kevin Henkes had in store.

So I’m navigating conversations with people who drop opinion bombs and have the expectation that I’ll enjoy the shrapnel. Well, I don’t and that I’ve been able to respectfully pass the grenade back to them impresses me.

Some of my winners that shut down further communication? “Nah, not interested in talking about that,” or “I don’t know anything about it.”

By speaking up right away, I am setting boundaries for interactions. So I hope my days of getting offended, taking things personally, or becoming resentful are over. But, this is to be determined.

Also, the once lush, upright leaves on the maple trees are now drooping, crumpling in, and on their journey towards yellowing or reddening.

I took to Amazon to check out cardigans, sweaters and flannels. And although I left empty handed due to prices my bank account shook its head at, I’m scheming a trip to the Goodwill boutique sometime tomorrow.

Well, gotta see if the Mariner’s can pull off a comeback win in the ninth.

Love, Jaclynn

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