Excuse Me, Ma’am

As the first person at a garage sale, you can imagine my excitement at seeing rows of goodies stacked higher than professional basketball players’ heads. Before I’d even exited the car, I’d already eyed a pallet wall hanging I planned on grabbing,

I popped out the door before Dave had stopped the car with an “I’ll go check!” to Paula and Dave, both of whom were equally interested in second-hand shopping. I even performed a hop-skip combo around the trunk in anticipation of the event.

Upon finding the owner, I asked, “You open yet?” while flashing a smile I felt certain would grant me an early access edge over the competition.

“Uh, no. I’m actually just cleaning out the garage.”


Not as bad as asking a large, stomached woman if she was pregnant, but it made my face flush as if I had.

Like early spring, fall has a funny pull on me; to prepare, till, and toil in the earth. Today it involved taking hand saws to rhododendrons whose branches had braided together so intensely that pulling them free felt as satisfying as bursting a huge pus-y pimple.

I think tomorrow I’ll take on the never conquerable blackberries.

Earlier I caught one of the ducks and had Dave clip its wings. So now the chicken and duck are bunked up in the coop together, and I’m feeling better knowing the rooster has company. I’m still wanting a few more feathered friends. Hopefully, a Craigslist or Offerup ad I will show up soon.

Alright, that does it for tonight. See you tomorrow. Love, Jaclynn

PS. That’s an photo from today. You’d had stopped too, right?

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