Elevating Moo Sick

I’m licking my wounds from a bruised ego. The one-two punch of believing I didn’t matter and feeling unimportant stunned me, and I stumbled to the left and then to the right before falling into a heap on the floor.

Rejection is hard, especially when it comes from myself.

Do I eat a root beer float?

Or what else is going to help me feel better?

I’m saying no to the unhealthy snack. And saying yes to comfy clothes, hygiene, and tidying up; it’s the little things like these that communicate my worth. Plus! I reached out to the person I perceived had rejected me. So that felt good.

I’m feeling complete. And I’m ready to read more of “A Hero Of A Thousand Faces” before getting some Zs.

I hope your Wednesday was lovely. Love, Jaclynn

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