The Ol’ Ball Game

I need to write something, but I want privacy with my thoughts tonight. I wish I had the option like in the olden days when radio broadcasters played their greatest hits while on vacation.

Usually, I’ll write poetry to hide out in or write something fictional to play in a world of my own creation.

Not tonight; I’ll just be me.

When kissing Evelyn goodnight, I gave her a few too many, and she told me so, “Too many, Mom.” Then she grabbed the kiss off her forehead and threw it into the distance.

Her Aunt Cathy – Dave’s sister – flew in from Atlanta today and will be there through Monday. And Saturday night, we’re headed into Seattle for our first Kraken game.

It’s the top of the 11th inning, and the Mariners are tied 8-8 against the Texas Rangers. It’s a nice quiet night of digesting homemade pizza and a Klondike bar.

I will sign off for fear of writing any further and boring you. Take care.

Love, Jaclynn

PS. The Mariner’s won in the 12th 10-9!

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