Walking Into Spiderwebs

The limp fishing lines of spider webs with their weighty beads of dew are welcoming fall in like enthusiastic Walmart greeters. As the wind whips leaves free, I lay in the hammock swinging, wondering how I can communicate the depth of my love for this season.

Evelyn’s 35-lb body is limp on mine. At the same time, I direct her eyes to the differences between evergreen and deciduous trees – and although I’m sure deciduous is outside her scope, I’m not below planting a few language seeds.

A leaf blower is too fancy a convenience for me to commit. The physical labor of a house and shop broom suits me, as does the mood I return to when the deck is covered an hour post-sweep.

I’m not just saying it; I will prioritize writing in my book! Or will I?

I doubt myself because I’ve said this so often that I don’t believe myself. Do you ever do that? I’m sure you do. It’s like, aren’t we the best liars to ourselves?

I wonder what I could do to help myself be successful. Maybe I’ll only write the parts I want. For now, my mind isn’t interested in following the linear timeline to which I’ve held it. It desires to jump into the past, dance in the present, and play in the future. So, I’m going to do my best to let it!

Wish me luck.

Love, Jaclynn

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