Here Kitty Kitty

Have you ever unintentionally stumbled upon a nugget of gold? How about in the way of a misdelivery from the good ol’ Mr. Postman?

At first sight, “Backwoods Home Magazine” was a joke, with its second-largest font stating “The Potato Issue” and other titles of “Making Fertilizer” and “Butchering Beef” did little to stir anything within.

Then I leafed through it and saw a young girl the size of Evelyn with similar cute curls holding a much too-large chicken in her arms, and now I’m a little too interested in submitting an image of my own.

The quarterly magazine comes in at a whopping 114 pages, and the articles are dense with good information.

I promise I will return it, but hear me out. What if I read “Want A Quick Garden? Try the No-Dig Method” and one or two other articles of interest? A try-before-you-buy consolation for its taking up real estate on my dining room table?

Speaking of homestead stuff, my ducklings are close to full size now. Especially the boys. How do I sex the ducks, you ask? Their feet, and it’s a strangely obvious way to tell!

For the first time, a cat hung at my office’s back door with me while I waited for a client to show up. It strolled up to me like I had fresh tuna, flopped to the ground, and curled itself around like a writhing alligator in ecstatic love at my every touch. The ladies walking by (the ones in the white SUVs I haven’t an effing clue about) all commented on my cute cat. “Not my cat,” I said, shrugging.

I took a picture for you. For me. For all of us.


Love, Jaclynn

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