Ramblin’ Whoa Man

“Do you think I’m a good fit for you as a counselor?”

I’m proud that I brought up my concern with a client earlier and the resulting enlightening and productive conversation that followed.

Where I once dreaded the “you’re not a good fit” feedback, I now embrace it. So much so that if I feel less than secure in a relationship, I ask the question immediately.

I’m also pleased I can discern with whom I want to work. Years ago, I accepted almost anyone as a client because I needed the experience. And also because I didn’t know any better.

But I turn people away now. And not in a dick way, either. I simply explain my limitations and offer to find referrals for them.

Funny, I had one person recently who wasn’t interested in being turned away saying, “Let’s still do a consult. I’d like to see if we’re a good fit.” But because I genuinely want success for myself and others, I reiterated why what they needed was outside my scope and offered referrals. Which they gladly accepted.

I had a ten-client load today. A doozy! But in the morning, I only have two virtual sessions, which (yay!) I can take them from home.

For therapists, the pandemic’s impact has been relatively positive financially and in the freedom of setting.

But to be clear, I did virtual sessions before virtual was cool; back in 2019, when it was poo-pooed as less beneficial. (Really? Show me the data, please.)

Well, there are some ramblings for you. Nothing too much is happening over here. Dave’s at friends playing a board game, and Evelyn and Archie are sleeping downstairs.

All’s well, and I hope the same for you.

Night. Love, Jaclynn

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