Thar She Flows

This is a day described as “awful” by a family member. The skies are letting loose, rain, rain, and more rain. On my walk into Walmart and Winco, it appeared my fellow Washingtonians were ready to take the watery battle head-on, the only way they know how, with a sullen, head down, shoulder lean approach.

Because they know that umbrellas are only for folklore.

From start to finish, I watched water boil today. Tiny bubbles formed on the pot’s floor and moved to the surface slowly. Then how videos portray city crosswalks with people and cars bustling and pausing, bustling and pausing in a sped-up fashion; the behavior of the bubbles is similar.

What was MOST interesting were the mini tornados that got whirled up with their thick mercury-like appearance.

Once large bubbles formed, I walked the pot downstairs and dumped it down the guest bathtub drain to hopefully get things moving quicker.

In my last house, the sole bathtub drained a drip at a time. As a bath lover, not only was that a disappointment, but also the squared-off head area led to crinks in my neck.

Funny thing. Nine years in, one year before moving out – while getting the basement remodeled, the contractor heard my complaint about the no flow, and with the piping exposed, used a vacuum to suck out a ping pong-sized ball—so cheers to one less unsolved mystery.

Scratch the Peloton idea. I’m going to try Orangetheory Fitness with a friend on Sunday. I’m nervous as it’s been a looooong time since I’ve stepped foot in a gym. But the first time’s free, and also, what if I like it?

The friend, by the way, is head of beverage innovation at Starbucks. If you have any cool ideas, shoot me a comment, and I’ll send them her way.

Well, that’s it. Tomorrow both sets of Evelyn’s grandparents will be over for her birthday. Age three isn’t for another week, but with one pair flying in from Georgia and the other flying out to Africa, it’s the only time we could do it.

I can’t wait to see Evelyn’s face at the Bluey and Peppa Big toys we got her.

Love, Jaclynn

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