Window Shopping

I returned a too-big-for-me pair of Vans shoes at a sports store connected to a mall. Mall. When was the last time I frequented one of those relics?


I sat on a padded bench along the edge of a large oval enclosure. Inside were large ceramic animals – elephants, dolphins, and zebras for kids to sit on and slide down. 

While Dave watched Evelyn play, I stole a few moments to check out Maurices. In my college days, it and Fred Meyer were the only places in town to get new clothes. Good ol’ Maurices and I have fond memories.

On the way, my heart got a start when a man veered diagonally across his walking lane into mine. The threat was real; his eyes locked with mine as his hands pulled his shirt down to flash me. I felt my chest tighten and my heart pound. “Alright, good!” He said with wild eyes and a clown-like smile. When I realized what he meant, that we had matching Kraken apparel, I forced a nervous laugh while quickly walking away, thankful for my life. 

I tried on four pieces: a jean jacket, a thick pink and white-beaded sweater, and one short and one long-sleeved shirt. As I twirled to show off the garbs to myself in the mirror, I thought, “Not bad.” But I didn’t buy anything.

Depressed moods keep hitting me like an annoying kid kicking the back of my seat. Eating out helps a bit; something about the upbeat, social atmosphere and being taken care of. And movies. Movies are helping my mood too. 

Christmas movies seen this season in no particular order are; The Santa Clause, Klaus, Frozen, Frozen 2, Arthur Christmas, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Cloudy With A Chance of Christmas, and Three Wise Men And A Baby. 

That’ll do it for tonight. I still need to check my work week’s calendar to ensure it’s correct. Talk to you tomorrow. 

Love, Jaclynn

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