It’s A Rap (On The Floor)

A stop by Subway reminded me of the summer I ate for free there. A six-inch roasted chicken breast on Italian herbs and cheese bread with bacon, extra mayonnaise, and all the trimmings, please. How? Let’s say I didn’t say no to a roll of stamps from a kleptomaniac college friend that worked there.

Was that the same “friend” that broke into my room and stole my computer over the summer? Likely. My idea of friendship has changed a bit since back then.

“I drove by a Christmas tree farm on the way to Evelyn’s school. Their gate was wide open but they had a large sign that said ‘Closed For The Season.” Dave told me over dinner, “I wonder what season they are open then.”

He’s got a point; it is December 6th, after all.

It’s a good thing the only pressing problem in my life is thinking about what I can do to increase my chances of winning my final Fantasy Football game this weekend. Yes, I’m in first place, but not cozy, comfy first. A loss might mean not placing in the money, which would make all the stress and weekly agonizing all for not. And we can’t have that, can we?

I love gummy, chewy candies like hi-chew, sour patch kids, gummy bears, and Starbursts, and I’m sure if I keep rifling around in Evelyn’s Halloween bag, I will find more. I feel slightly guilty about leaving the wrappers on my bedside floor and seeing them on my nightstand. Dave must have had to pick them up to vacuum. (This will not go down in my Hall of Fame of proudest moments.)

But I do need to brush my teeth. Those gummies get in there, don’t they?

This is a post about nothing. I wish I could write that the rooster is gone, but the guy from Craigslist didn’t show, so I can’t even talk about that.

Better go to bed and dream of sugar plums dancing in my head.

Night. Love, Jaclynn

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