A Game Of Chess

Sometimes I have fun at work. Today I brought Klask, a mini version of air-hockey, to play with my 3 pm. I know I’ll likely win, but who’s keeping track?

I recall resetting a chess game in my supervisor’s office so my friend, who also worked there, could teach me. A day or two later, my supervisor asked, “Did either of you move pieces on my chess board.” “Yeah, Kristen was showing me how to play,” I said. “Oh, you two! Never reset a chess board; someone is likely in the middle of a game.”

Thinking back, I wonder how long he and his client had been playing that game. However long, I’m still embarrassed.

It’s a stand at the kitchen counter and slam a chunk of cauliflower lasagna and two cookies in my face kind of night. Since I made an exception to my no 7 pm appointments rule, I am home later and hungrier than usual.

A good friend, who runs my Fantasy Football league, posted a photo of herself at a school today in Cambodia with 100 lbs of books that she brought donated by the Ocean Shores library. Belonging to the Ocean Shores Facebook group, I shared it there and did my part to sprinkle a little positivity from my living room.

Now I’m seeking the answer to the question on everyone’s mind; Does Lindsay Lohan still have it? I may watch “Falling For Christmas” next, but this 1-star review is not promising. “Falling for Fakeness.” – If two cliches got together and had children… And their children met other cliches… And THEY had children together… This movie would be their love child.”

Five minutes in and with nothing compelling I returned to the drawing board. Reddit recommended The Nine Lives of Christmas, so that’s what’s on.

I better pause it, get my pj’s on and post this so I can focus on maximum coziness in my bed.

See you tomorrow. Love, Jaclynn

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