Flinging Things

“Just one more L-shaped sectional,” I tell myself, but upon hearing the thought, I stop. I know the slippery slope of the couch looking and all its rabbit holes. I find one I like, but it’s too {insert here} one of these adjectives —-> “expensive, tall, wide, uncomfortable.”

Plus, I have things to do! For one, write this post and three progress notes.

When in Costa Rica, I played pool multiple times daily. I remember the night before returning home, hitting a behind-the-back shot crisply and accurately in the pocket and thinking, “Holy shit, I’m really good.” I want that again. 

But with darts.  

With a dart board hung next to the TV and the throwing spot directly in front of the couch, all systems are go for convenient tosses. 

Did you know I’m decent at archery too? A few years ago, Dave and I started going to a community center where this guy brought his recurve bows and set up targets. For $7 every Thursday, he offered instruction and guidance on all things archery. However intimidated I felt, his passion for the sport and his gentle but firm teaching approach worked. Within a couple of weeks, I’d moved from ten feet to twenty, even thirty feet away from the target. And hit bulls eyes!

I do miss the community we built there. What a bunch of interesting misfits they were. And that I felt a belonging means I might be one myself!

Since moving, Dave and I bought a bow, arrows, a target, and leather doo-dads to protect our forearms and finger from the snap of the string. I could look into a similar community down this way. 

I will not buy a sectional couch to bring this conversation full circle. In strategizing future room decorating with Dave just now, we believe our money will spend better updating less prominent features, like a rug and recliner. 

Well, that’ll do ‘er. Nice to see you here. Like always, see you tomorrow. 

Love, Jaclynn

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