Based On True Events

I have missed three days of blogging this year; January 1st and 2nd (due to the blog’s nonexistence) and January 14th, my 40th birthday, and likely my most hungover day this year.

What a day! Back-to-back-to-back sessions with clients filled with intense and meaningful conversations. I laughed, cried, and watched a trailer for “Cocaine Bear.” Then on the drive home, I took a deep breath, felt giddiness in my chest, and thought of how grateful I am for my job.

You heard that right; “Cocaine Bear.” Actual events inspired it. Like “Snakes On A Plane” and “Sharknado”.

In the background of my typing, the TV is on and tuned into the Nintendo Switch. In between paragraphs, I see Dave’s character falling through holes to his death, into spikes to his death, and moving into targets to his death. The air abounds with “yeses”, “shits” ”and chuckles. If you’re curious, the stats from yesterday’s game are in an hour and ten minutes, 215 deaths.

Oh! The competing offer for a village of Calico Critters fell through. I’m next in line and pick it up tomorrow. Then it’ll be wrapped and placed under the tree for Evelyn on Christmas. It’s Dave’s and my first Christmas as parents of a Santa-aware kid, and Dave informed me earlier that he’s excited to sneak around after she sleeps and be Santa-ing up the joint. Fun huh?

I made the playoffs for Fantasy Football, and I’m checking in every day this week on available players to improve my roster. I have a good shot at winning this one; wish me luck!

Crap, I need to go. It’s late, and I want to finish “Spirited.” I wish we had more time together. Bummer.
Love, Jaclynn

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