I Dream Of Doughnuts

Needing four points to beat my opponent in Fantasy Football and watching my wide receiver score zero points in the first half left hope spilling like sand through the gaps in my fingers. When finally, a pass in the third quarter put me .5 ahead, and another two catches added five more points, I knew my spot was clinched.

Now I set my eyes on next week’s final match – me versus the first-place seed.

I won’t win. In practically every position, my opponent’s players consistently put higher points than mine. But will I stress tonight about player trades and tomorrow and the next? Of course!

With weather warnings and snow in the forecast, I rescheduled my in-person sessions to be virtual. Therefore, I will stroll to the downstairs office sometime around 11 am with a button-down floral shirt and unmatching red checkered pajama pants.

I want a funky light fixture instead of the boring white one in the living room. How easy to spend a few bucks, take a flathead screwdriver, and replace it with something that makes me smile.

Like these on Etsy…

I am just kidding. But there are a few, like watercolored trees, Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” and stamped dog paw prints, I liked. 

I’ll ask for that for my birthday.

I’m proud of my DIY project in the duck area, mainly taking hard plastic pools and making shelters in the ducks’ pens. I didn’t tell you about getting those eight pools for free or how after seeing puddles form outside of them, I realized the person who “thought there weren’t holes in them” was wrong. 

Later, I plan to place the pools upside down, nail them to thick pieces of wood and create toadstool-like shelters for the ducks.

One second, I need to see if the snow has started.

I can’t call that snow. Where in the heck is the Hallmark movie, slowly falling in love kind when you need it?

In the winter, I’m a stocking cap all day, sometimes all night kind of gal. As I always say; one can never have enough time in soft pillowy head socks.

I need to renew my counseling license soon. And also reattest my information to keep my contracts with insurance companies. Why do I put things off that are essential to my livelihood?

It could be because I unconsciously want to lose my license, open up a traveling coffee/mini-doughnut van and sling my wares. 

Or maybe I forgot, and I will do it tomorrow. 

Also, tomorrow, I will see you here. I hope you like the oyster mushroom that practically screamed for me to take a picture of it for this post.

Love, Jaclynn

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