It’s Not Always Sunny

“Do you think I take you for granted?” Over a homemade spaghetti and salad dinner tonight, both Dave and I answered yes to the question.

Check-ins are important to me. Since I don’t expect either one of us to act perfect, or to love each other perfectly I see moments like the one I mentioned above as a way to reconnect and recommit to the relationship.

I’m curious if my Dad really can’t go to the Kraken game next week or if by sending Dave and me instead assures that he and Grandma get another slumber party with their granddaughter.

Probably the latter.

Speaking of Evelyn, her impulse control is shit. At three years old, the concept of Christmas being five days away is lost on her. Her ability to tolerate presents lying around the house is as challenging as an alcoholic abstaining on a bender the day before going to treatment.

I can’t wait! Our super awesome chair-and-a-half arrives tomorrow. Since work is slow, I’ll be home to kindly receive it.

Not to worry, my 6 pm client was wrong thinking the lamp’s light in my office was the sun shining in. Looking at the weather the UV index in my area is a 0 out of 10.

I’m suddenly not in the mood to write. Maybe it’s my frustration that the foot of snow dream I had is transforming into merely a dusting. Or it’s my fear that a tv flipping idea won’t work. I also worry about falling into the winter blues again.

Whatever it is, I plan to cuddle with Dave and watch a funny show to feel better.

Take care. Love, Jaclynn

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