Shortiest Day

I got lost in a circular thinking whirlpool with a client yesterday. It’s happened before, and when it does, I feel like Alice falling down a rabbit hole with no awareness of the bottom.

Somewhere in throwing ideas out in the air like pebbles into a pond, I jumped in and tried to grab one. In doing so, I lost my reference point and drowned right along with them.

My behavior comes from an unconscious belief that I must ensure the session is on target and that I’m doing it right. (Even though I’m not quite sure what that means). Consequently, I lose sight of the pleasantness that comes with meandering and scanning the shore for pieces I connect with them.

Dave has three friends over playing the legacy version of the game Pandemic. Legacy means it’s not a one-and-done game but is ongoing and can take months to finish.

I got “wife of the night” a moment ago for placing crackers, cut cheese, and salami on a plate for them.

Now I’m back in bed snacking on Cheez-its and feeling pleased with seeing an email notification slide across my screen that Walmart “is on it.” The 9’x11′ blue, orange, and yellow floral rug I ordered will arrive in a week.

The rug is one of the finishing pieces for my living room update. Only a few colorful pillows and a floor lamp to go.

I’m boring; don’t you agree? I feel sorry that you have to read this. Often I’m like, “Yeah, this is a great post! Here ya go, world!” Tonight I’m just a bump on a log that, in between paragraphs, plays an online game of cribbage- hoping to win. Instead, I lose by a point or two after leading the whole way. Ouch.

Alright. I will play another game, but I gotta give it my entire focus.

By the way, it’s the shortest day and the longest night of the year, Which means tomorrow will be longer. Yay!

Love, Jaclynn

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