Moth Testicles

I’m stalling. Or rather, cleaning, adjusting blinds, and turning up and down the heat. In 22 minutes, the virtual conversational Spanish class I enrolled in starts, and I’m in nervous. Would it really matter if I didn’t show? Nah. Except… I’d know

Since I want to speak Spanish fluently, I need to talk to people. But this tugging at my chest feeling, like the magnetic center of the earth, wants to consume me, isn’t making it easy. Ugh. Eight minutes. I suppose I better log in. 

I did it! Phew. Sure, my mind bonkered out a couple times trying to find the right verbiage, but when you’re trying to swim, not knowing all the moves, sinking tends to happen. 

I have one free credit left. After I’m done writing this, I plan to sign up for another course. The cool thing is the class was in a virtual reality space. So I spoke with the teacher and five other classmates and picked up items, and played with them. Like un globo or balloon, for instance. 

It’s feeding time in our aquarium, meaning the pill-like tab for the bottom dwellers is being stolen and brought to the tank’s surface by the angel fish. How he spits it out and catches it makes me laugh every time, it’s just a game of a fish playing catch with himself. 

I found a pair of killer shoes at the Goodwill today. A lace-up black heeled boot with a lot of give in the ankle. Do you know what that means?! Not only are they dang cute, but they are also dang comfortable.

I need to map a path for my resolution of twenty pushups by December. Since 20 divided by 12 is ~1.7 I need to improve by that number per month. I’m hoping my daily yoga routine builds all the strength I need to gain on the 1.25 pushys I already have. We shall see. 

Speaking of, I’d like to head upstairs, get in some stretchy clothing and do my thirty minutes of yoga for the day, so I better get.

But before I do, I found a stupid joke I almost passed up on and then went back to because it made me chuckle. Have you ever smelled moth balls before? Yes? Well then, how do you get their little legs apart?

Oh my gosh. That should not be that funny! I wish there was a surveillance camera showing me solo on this chair, shaking my head and snickering. 

Take care. Love, Jaclynn

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