Potato Bug Head

You can’t unsee a rooster mounting a duck. From its hop up, to the beak tugging on the duck’s neck feathers, to the gyration and the duck’s sad passiveness; it’s a display I’d prefer to erase from my mind. 

It’s the 14th of January, my birthday, and what a nice 41st it’s been. A day of friends and laughs and plenty of good food. 

On this day, for decades and a year ago, I was born, to a midwife al natural at home – much the same way Evelyn came into the world. My parents came to pick me up an hour after I arrived. There is a picture of little ol’ me with my parents and Joanne. I didn’t reunite with Joanne again until sometime in my late 20’s. Our meeting was a pretty special event because she had the letter my Mom wrote to her expressing her desire to be a mother, as well as the photo from the day of my birth. Perhaps one of these days, I’ll share it here.

Anyway, I sure have appreciated her presence in my life. She called me potato bug and wished me a happy birthday today on the phone but also said that she needs more pictures of Evelyn. I just sent her two.

Anyway, I’d like to get a Yellowstone in before bed. At only two episodes in, I think I’m addicted. 

I hope you have a great rest of your weekend. Love, Jaclynn

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