I’m Late, I’m Late

It’s a feverish pitch running naked through a cornfield kind of day. One thing backed up by another until I got home – finally! – only to be reminded that our first session of D&D is tonight. Dave’s cleaning up dinner while I write, do yoga, and get the remaining unchecked tasks checked before the guys arrive.

On the drive home, I thought about a client’s question about his relationship, “How bad is it?” After telling him I’d seen worse, he said, “You’re just saying that.” I told him I wasn’t, that I wouldn’t, then turned his attention to the research: the volatility of a couple’s interactions has no correlation to a couple’s success.

D&D, otherwise known as Dungeons and Dragons, is a realm I don’t know about. I know my best friend took a portal and got stuck in another dimension, and hopefully, I don’t suffer the same fate.

If I end now, I can slip into a few yoga moves. Speaking of yoga, I’m so happy I’ve made it a daily practice, and I also wonder if by strengthening and stretching my lower back and surrounding areas if my aches will minimize or disappear. I hope so!

Time to move my body! Latah! Jaclynn

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