Saboteur de Sugar

Damn, Dave Crosby died. I wrote a post about Dave and I’s joy in seeing him live and listening to his albums at the cabin. His passion for art, his political stances, and his badass harmonies and lyrics are something for which the world is better.

In other news, no matter where I live, why is there no garbage disposal? You bet your bottom dollar I’d salivate at slamming a few leftovers down that gutter of an abyss. To hear the pained gnawing and crazed shredding devour those remains until all that’s left is a low hum is all I’ve ever needed.

But no! I have to set a stupid compost Tupperware on my counter and walk it outside when full to a wired barrel near the garden. Only to wait for the old lady pitbull from next door in her dumb winter sweater to knock it over and lick the eggshells to death.

Am I in a mood? Likely. Not a bad one, not a good one, just a one. I nom-nommed on too many Hot Tamales, forgetting I’d prefer to lessen the sugar I slam down my gullet. The number of Oreos dunked in that milk glass night during our D&D session is an unknown number I’d rather never know.

I spoke to my new Spanish conversational buddy from Colombia today between counseling sessions. I found him in a Facebook group posting how he’d like to help people speak Spanish. Yesterday he assigned me to write about my life and record myself speaking Spanish. I’m pretty pumped by all I’m learning!

I don’t know if you remember, but I was shaking in my boots about speaking Spanish in this post from eleven days ago. And now, here I am doing it daily with a real live persona! Que bueno!

I love setting goals, specific goals that push me outside my comfort zone. Working towards and attaining them makes them all the more rewarding.

Well, we’re driving out to the ocean tomorrow. There’s something in packing the car, driving over, and being there that I’ve gotten into a routine with and, dare I say, is unfulfilling. That it’s a second home takes the luster out of the vacation vibe. I wonder if there’s anything I could do to change that? How about some gratefulness, Jaclynn. Geez.

Night, night. Love, Jaclynn

PS: Here’s a Dave Crosby quote I liked: “Dying is something you have to think about, but we avoid thinking about. As a culture, we’re terrified of dying; that’s why we thought up religion. I’m trying to be conscious about mortality, because I’m trying to be conscious about everything.”

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