He Ain’t Heavy

I nag myself away from colorful curtains on Pinterest to write. About what I have yet to find, but like animals to the call of the wild from the open page, I cannot myself deny. 

I’m in the market for crushed-up oyster shells, their rich calcium content is a need for my duck’s egg production. Twelve of thirteen eggs have plopped out, as one might expect, but one, a membrane barely holding a glob in place, made me curious. Is it normal to have one every so often that’s well, off?

Helping people understand themselves is one of the favorite parts of my job as a counselor. But it’s a double-edged sword. Understanding that much about human behavior also brings frustration and disappointment at seeing how clueless society is.

I’ve been isolating myself, and I feel conflicted about it. On the one hand, it feels good to take a break and not, but on the other, I could do a better job of communicating my need for space. 

From Archie’s whipping tail to Evelyn’s emerging from the bedroom to Dave’s walking in the front door, I’m flanked from every side, my quiet, contemplative space popped like a bubble. I’ll do as I’ve learned in yoga: move with a toddler climbing on my back and push through anyway.

Do you know how when at a movie’s climax answers are revealed and epiphanies wash over characters like a nice spring rain? That’s how the work with several of my clients has felt like this week, which has made for an exhilarating and surprising, and lovely time.

A quick trip downstairs got a purr and leg rubs from Charlie. The other cat? Not so much. With eyes big as full moons and a stiffened body at my touch, I know the road to befriending Angel will be long. I’m used to having cats from kittens and their trust being mine from the get-go. Fostering is no joke.

I think that’s all for the updates. I hope to get some reading or an episode of Apple TV’s “Shrinking.” Oh, how I love a funny therapist as a main character!

Take care. Love, Jaclynn

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