We Are Family

It’s a day when loose-leafed trash blusters about the neighborhood. A street light flashes like a red carpet to a rave but is likely nothing more than a wire come undone. I’m wet-headed, a product of a late-night out hot tubbing with friends. I’m nudging myself to unclench muscles and to use frustration and irritation as a guide to relax.

Probiotics sealed in an Amazon package awaited us on our home’s Welcome mat. A purchase from Grandma for Archie. Every day for a month, he’ll take three, and seeing Evelyn giggle at him nibbling the chews from her fingers, means it’ll be her job. Hopefully, the itching and biting will lessen.

I’m a sleep tracker enthusiast. Rarely do I recall my midnight wake-ups, but my watch does. Like clockwork, I bob out of deep or light sleep and wake around 1 am. It takes an hour or two for me to dip back down. I wonder if my soak in the hot tub will improve my sleep quality tonight.

It’s wild how far I’ve stretched myself to create community. When moving to Bonney Lake two years ago, and felt isolated and alone. With the need for social connection at a fever pitch, I created a meetup group for parents and toddlers. From it, I met Lindsay and her son Ethan who, for the past two years, we’ve had a close relationship (just last week, our families got together for homemade pizza). Another family whom I met at a playground date is coming over to our house tomorrow for lunch.

Among many things I love about myself is my willingness to take risks. What about you, what do you appreciate about yourself?

Take care. Love, Jaclynn

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