Cart Bangers

I’m in love with one of my ducks, a chocolate milk colored one, that waggles her tail at me after I clean her coop and whistles a sweet tone whenever I come near. She’s twice sat, allowing me to stroke her silky feathers, strengthening our bond.

A wise one is she; I’m trekking vegetables out to her before their spoiling time.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve already banged out this month’s 3.4 push-up goal. For first-time callers, I resolved on January 1st to press out twenty push-ups by the year’s end. I started at 1.2, weak, I know, but it’s for that very reason I conjured the goal.

Could the triangle-shaped, windowless closet transform into a writing and yoga space? Possibly. I’d likely need a desk, mirror, and “Hang In There” cat posters to set the mood.

I need help with the writing rules in English, so why not bring my troubles to another language? Currently, I’m teaching myself the subjunctive in Spanish.

Unlike me, I contemplated staying home from driving to my parents for eggs benedict breakfast in the morning. I’m feeling removed from my life, like a window shopper that won’t go in, likely from a few overstimulating moments. From wanting to fight an older lady at Goodwill for her cart antics to the heaps of closet clean-out piles the have me fantasizing about binge-watching tv in bed all day. And I don’t even have a tv in my bedroom.

I’m needed for the hug and kiss portion of my daughter’s bedtime routine. If you don’t mind, I better skedaddle.

Thanks for stopping by; I’ll see you again soon. Love, Jaclynn

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