Key To The City

My husband listens to podcasts at 1.5x speed. I don’t like it. WhenthespacesbetweenwordsleaveIspeedup. Yet, as I reflect on my day, I realize I often split my attention and anticipate what’s coming next.

My first instinct is that I shouldn’t do that and should always have my nose pressed up against the present’s glass. But what if I’m not? Could it be a normal, even healthy, function of being human?

A google search relaxed me, as a study showed that anticipation of a positive outcome in the future correlated with higher levels of well-being. It’s just one study with only 40 subjects, but you’ll take whatever you’re given when you want to feel better.

I’ve been meaning to tell you; I know a person with a $100,000 key in their possession. It’s a foreman for a construction site, and in my gasp and oo’s and aw’s at his mentioning it, he said, “That’s not even close to the most expensive. I had a major university’s master key, which was over $1 million.”

Can you imagine?! If lost, they’d have to rekey hundreds, if not thousands, of doors and reissue keys to faculty and staff, and that’s why it’s so expensive. 

Aren’t tacos good? We think so highly of them here that we’ve opted for a weekly taco night. Don’t try to guess the day either; while Tuesday is the gold standard for most, we’ve thrown caution to the wind and opted for Friday. Our first annual weekly consisted of ground beef with tons of spices, garlic, cheese, cilantro, avocado, lettuce, and tortillas. Going forward, I can’t wait to get taco creative!

After a year and several months of everybody but us watching “Squid Game,” we’re finally doing it. Hearing rumors about the show’s twisted and mind-bending aspects was a solid no for me in late 2021. Now, in 2023, I’m mentally prepared. I think. Damn, now I’m questioning my choice. What if, even though I know the ending will be a mind-fuck, I still get mind-fucked? Now that’s a mind-fuck.

Time for an episode. Ughhhhh.

Love, Jaclynn

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