Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

You gotta love poorly translated board game instructions: “Let the baby guess you shoot the color in the checkerboard position, and deepens in the game to the color position distinguishes the ability, inspires baby’s thought space.”

The game makers failed miserably at telling players to match the colors of one end of a hidden wooden peg to another, like in a losing game of telephone.

Did you ever play telephone? I did! At the Church of the Nazarene in preschool. I remember sitting in a circle and hearing about an elephant or rhinoceros and laughing hysterically at the game’s end at how badly the sentence got garbled.

I also recall how naptime in preschool consisted of taking a burlap sack or rug and lying on it, and also, after the teacher read “Green Eggs and Ham,” we actually got to eat real dyed-green eggs.

In those days when both my parents had to work, I’d ride the bus after school to my aunt’s house. I remember she had thirty coffee mugs on hooks along her kitchen wall with images of Carebears. She, Sheri, and Kerry, my uncle, affectionately called each other SherBear and KerBear.

Funny, just yesterday, I was telling Peter about the most significant hail storm I’d ever been in, and it happened with that aunt and uncle while on our way camping. However exciting, it had them pulling over under large evergreen boughs to protect their vehicle from the quarter-sized denting demons.

I’m feeling frisky. Seeing the magnolia’s fuzzy bud growth and the sun sticking around later and later means spring is inching closer. Less than a month away, in fact. Once the last frost passes, my first-ever indoor tomato plant seedlings will be ready to go in the ground. I can’t wait!

Perhaps I’ll plant some other indoor veggie starts on my nothing-at-all-to-do day tomorrow. Gardening in February, who would have thought?!

Take care, and I’ll chat with you tomorrow. Love, Jaclynn

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