Dew Duck Day

My brown duck came over and let me pet her; the dew of morning was fresh on her back, and the silky cool feathers felt nice on my hand.

Post yesterday’s guilt for a $5 Wendy’s lunch, I decided not to repeat the mistake today; hence the strongly desired coffee and a breakfast sandwich from Starbucks did not happen.

Note to self: A salty mouth party only temporarily fixes a chaotic emotional state.

Do you look at old pictures of your house and think, damn, I have some work to do?! The old owners – likely in selling it – had the grass straight-lined, mowed, and edged, making what I’m looking at from my front porch rocker pathetic.

In my defense, the ducks wiggling their beaks and uprooting the sod for worms and insects will never amount to our winning the Best Landscaping award by the HOA.

With a three-hour break in the middle of the day, I’m happy to have this time. I am writing, meandering the yard, drinking a zero-sugar Dr. Pepper, and listening to a Bright Eyes song.

One more question. Do you have friendships you’ve outgrown but hold out hope in a delusional state that a fairy godmother will wandify it back to the way it once was?

Yeah, me neither.

Speaking of magic, I need your help.

From where I lay, I see the neighbor’s shop and remember, as I do every night, of its active for-sale status; Six plus months on the market, and nothing.

This is where you come in. Take out your spirit fingers or prayer beads or however you summon your highest power and place a wonderful forever family or friend next door.

Amen and thank you.

We’re heading to the coast tomorrow, so I’ll be reporting from there.

You’re the beans. Love, Jaclynn

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