What’s In A Name

I’m impressed. Inputting a few directives into the AI program everyone’s talking about spat out seven ideas for the name of my book.

  1. “Miles to Go: A Road Trip Journey of Self-Discovery and Mental Health”
  2. Winding Roads and Personal Growth: A Mental Health Counselor’s Journey Across America”
  3. “Journeying Within: A Road Trip Through America’s Heartland and Mind”
  4. “The Long and Winding Road to Mental Health: A Cross-Country Adventure”
  5. “Traveling Towards Change: A Counselor’s Road Trip to Self-Awareness”
  6. “Detours and Discoveries: A Road Trip to Mental Health and Healing”
  7. “Roaming ‘Round: A Counselor’s Cross-Country Search for Personal Growth”

I pick three.

I’m still in the editing process of my book. After taking the reader on a roller coaster ride in the first two pages it slows and provides space for reflection and settling in. Bouncing from the road trip to childhood then to current times is fun, but it also pushes my writing to be well-intentioned; ya know, so it doesn’t read like garbled goobly gook.

I made the best damn biscuits ever tonight. That dang TikTok reeled me into her sinister web for the recipe. Not to worry, I’m too powerful for its venom, a simple hold and delete was all it took. 

I’m logging onto Verizon at 12:57 pm tomorrow in preparation for a 1:00 pm chance at winning two Seattle Kraken tickets. They’ll be a surprise for Dave. I’ll omit this paragraph when I do my usual “Dave, can I read my post to you” editing routine.

Well, that just about does ‘er. Onto the first episode of “The Last of Us” – the show everyone but me is watching. 


Love, Jaclynn

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