The Lorax

The hammock is my new favorite product for photo-gawking reviews at Amazon. As one person lamented how unbalanced it was, two others -with picture proof- showed themselves on it; one was a mother snuggling her infant and another was a crazy-haired, likely drunk Jimmy Buffett listening guy, slightly blurred, from catching his image mid-swing.

As you can see, I’m much improved from yesterday. A new rake, seven-wheel barrels full of yard debris, a trip to town for Thai food, a catch-up with a friend, and a no-coat-needed afternoon helped calm my stress.

“How do you know it’s spring?” Our neighbor Cathy asked Evelyn while pulling a sudsy wand and filling the air with extra large bubbles. “I don’t know.” “Flowers start to bloom!” On the window sill rests a cup of daffodil wildflowers she brought.

I love the photo I received from Amazon just now. Sure, there’s the box I ordered at the end of the walk, but one of my ducks was a funny sight on the front porch mat.

At the end of our property sits a lake. Currently, the forty on it are emailing each other about options to get the noxious weeds under control. Last year, grass carp were planted and didn’t even make a dent. Suggestions from contracting someone to do chemical treatment to “use a rake and win a reward for the most removed.” I’m leaning toward the chemical solution.

Also in the correspondence was a couple who have lived on the lake for 30 plus years and experienced the lake’s lowering shore. “As many of us already know, there was work done by the storage facility that severely reduced the run off that used to collect and contribute to our higher water levels from years ago. I fear that if the trend I’ve watched continues, that not only are we not going to be able to enjoy all the benefits of living on this lake provides, but that there could be significant financial impacts with the lowering of property values as well.”

Reading her comment flicked a deeply rooted nerve; how incompetent people are with nature and with their impact on it.

Don’t even get me started, oh shoot, I already have. I better skedaddle off to read my nice fiction and calm myself.

Thanks for being here and I hope you had a wonderful day. Love, Jaclynn

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